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Subject: Project names with punctuation
Author: dnt
Date: 10/28/2003 22:34
I've seen an interesting phenomenon recently when using 
HTTrack GUI 3.30 on Win2k, saving the harvested site up to 
a Unix box.

If a project name contains punctuation, eg Foo, Bar, Com 
then HTTrack seems to fall over in one of two ways.

Firstly it seems to ignore the project name containing 
punctuation and create it’s own project name comprising the 
string before the first punctuation mark, eg Foo.  HTTrack 
creates this as a folder and places the harvested web site 
into it. This leaves two folders for the project at the 
location specified for the project. Also it is not 
correctly re-writing internal URLs of harvested sites and 
does not create an external.html. If the ‘No external 
files’ option is checked all external links point to a 
browser generated ‘File not found error’.

Secondly in some cases HTTrack won’t harvest a site with a 
project name containing punctuation. It creates the error 
message ‘Unable to create log file affairs,sitec:\My Web 
Sites\womens,affairs,site\hts-log.txt’ The error message 
suggests reading the log file for more information but the 
log file doesn’t exist.

I can recreate both situations quite easily. Obviously the 
lesson here is to create project names without punctuation! 
But has anyone else found this issue? Is it a bug or just 
poor usage on our part?
Thanks for all your work on 3.30 Xavier, in all other 
respects I’m having no problems with it! dnt

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10/28/2003 22:34
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