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Subject: just keeps going...
Author: master_k
Date: 10/30/2003 16:46
> Yes, because yoyu did NOT define the proper filters - 
> controlling the mirror scope is not very hard to do, but 
> you have to tell httrack what to crawl, and what not to 
> crawl.


HTT does not stop... just keeps going through the site. i 
want it to stop after one page.
i tested with
it downloads everything (even .css and .js files)
it DOES get the PIC but keeps going trough the links. if i 
try to limit it with maxmirroringdepth and maxexernaldepth 
(set to 0) it just gets .htm file :(

help... please...

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just keeps going...

10/30/2003 16:46
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