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Subject: *.asp?id=xxxx&nid=yyyy How we do ?
Author: guillaume
Date: 11/02/2003 12:00
HELLO, I have just read your site and I say to myself that 
you have can be the solution of my problem.
I am subscribed to a site allowing to consult some on-line 
documentation (in the pdf size ) but my subscription soon 
ends then I would have wished downloaded the whole site. I 
thus used httrack who is great in the passage!
It downloaded well to me the site almost without error 
except the files of documentation!
Damage, it's exactly what I wanted!
The address of the missing files is the type:
<Http://> /folder/disppdf.asp?PdfID=XXXXXX&nID=YYYYYY
Where XXXXXX and YYYYYY are figures!
What adorned me bizarre, it is that it is files pdf, but 
that they do not carry the extension pdf!!
Given that there is a great deal of files to be downloaded.
Could you help me in the config of httrack ?Thank you in advance
A french guy
sorry for my english, it's not very good

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*.asp?id=xxxx&nid=yyyy How we do ?

11/02/2003 12:00
Re: *.asp?id=xxxx&nid=yyyy How we do ?

11/02/2003 12:57


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