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Subject: Re: Web Httrack for Windows
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 11/12/2003 19:52
>>Do you have any plans for a windows version of web 
httrack?> What do you think of the one which is there:
> <>

To be precise, the first GUI made for httrack was 
WinHTTrack (the windows native version) ; and few years 
later, a web-based system (WebHTTrack) was developed for 
all platforms. Hence, webhttrack can work on Windows (the 
webhttrack binary is shipped in the windows binary 
archive), but additional work -possible on systems such as 
Linux thanks to bash- is necessary to handle various things 
(installing the server, spawning a browser, handling 
cleanup..). Besides the current native GUI is still working 
fine (despite its incredible uglyness - sorry!), and i 
don't plan to abandon it in the *very* near future. But 
this option is still possible - even if the user interface 
interaction with webhttrack is a bit less practical than 
with winhttrack.
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