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Subject: Deleting Files
Author: Peter_Pan
Date: 11/16/2003 10:58

Could you pls make an option telling the program NEVER to 
delete any downloaded files?
During the leech of a lot of websites i have had to stop 
the program a few times to edit the settings.

When I started the program again (and chosen *update 
existing website*) it has happened more than once that I 
have lost a lot of GBs due to the fact that the program has 
deleted the files.

I happends even though I press cancel only ONCE and I wait 
until the program has finished. I see no pattern in the bug.

And what happends if you leech a website, and a few months 
later you want only the new files which has been updated 
since last time. I have tried that also and the program 
again has deleted all the files and started from scratch.

I love the program but im going to look for another website 
leech program very soon if this continues. It sucks to lose 
GBs very often.


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