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Subject: unix config capabilities
Author: Zsolt
Date: 08/24/2001 14:21
Help me sby! i wan to use easily this prg. under unix.
I've installed and Ican use as >./httrack -and here
comes some question, offering ENTER for default values.
Ok , thats right! Eg. the output directory default is
~myhome/websites. How can I assure that anoter
directory will be used as default, avoiding typing a
new path each time?How can I definea proxy as a default value?. Now there
is no proxy defined for default.
I guess these settings must be paced in httrack.config
but they don't work
>set proxy
it is set but during the wizard for ENTER no proxy is
>set basepath /export/..../dir
during wizard ~myhome/website is offered for ENTER.

Can you tell me the solution?
Thanx, Zsolt

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08/24/2001 14:21
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