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Subject: Assume files are there?
Author: Peter_Pan
Date: 11/17/2003 23:20
Whenever I leech a large website and for some reason have 
to stop the program in the middle of it, I have a problem 
when I start the program again.

It doesnt matter if I choose *continue interrupted 
download* or *update existing download*, for some reason 
the program checks with the server if the already 
downloaded files are the same on my hard drive and on the 

It _might_ be because of the userid:password(@url) changes 
sometimes. Does the program see the URL as a different site 
if the userid:password changes? It shouldnt IMHO.

It would be much better if I could tick some setting 
telling the program to run through all the files on my hard 
drive first, and assume the files on my hard drive are the 
same as the ones on the server, and then begin to fetch any 
missing files.

It takes forever to let the program compare the files on 
the server and on my hard drive when leeching huge websites.


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Assume files are there?

11/17/2003 23:20


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