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Subject: Crash Report
Author: Frank Bohan
Date: 11/22/2003 22:24
OS: Windows Home
WinHTT version 3.30


After a crash I received the following report (program 
previously working OK):

HTTrack 3.30.01 closed 
at 'C:\Dev\WinHTTrack\HTTrackInterface.c', line 251
assert failed: (tempo)[sizeof(tempo) - 1] == '\0'

There were also two onscreen messages:

WinHTTrack.exe:  This application has requested the Run 
time to terminate in an unusual way.


The instruction at 0x6c1e1351 referenced memory at 
0x00000004. The memory could not be "read".


Solutions tried without success:

Restoring system to earlier date 
Deleting and re-installing program

I have reverted to using version 3.05 which is working OK.

Also please note that the Crash Report was not put in the 
WinHtt directory as stated but instead went into "My 
Documents" folder. Windows XP seems to want to put all 
documents here.


With best wishes
Frank Bohan

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