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Subject: .fpx file extension
Author: Mooch
Date: 11/24/2003 01:44
I'm trying to mirror a site that includes .fpx files

If I assume that the type .fpx is linked to the mime-type 
jpg using -%A fpx=image/jpeg, then I can mirror .fpx files.

However I have 2 problems.

1) the files are saved as .htm
if i rename them to .jpg, then they work. is it possible 
to save them as .jpg in the first place based on the -%A 
2) the query string for .fpx includes co-ordinate values 
which means that the url often ends in the 
form .fpx?...rgn=0.123,0.234,0.345,0.456

httrack seems to be taking the last '.' as the file 
extension separator, hence the file is saved 
as .fpx?...rgn=0.123,0.234,0.345,0.htm

this wouldn't be too bad, but it also seems to lose the 
last co-ordinate when requesting the fpx, hence jumbling 
the image.

Any help appreciated. Using 3.30 command line.


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