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Subject: Re: Flash support
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 12/02/2003 18:24
> Where can I find information on the flash support within 
> latest Test release?  (Windows binaries).

It is included in the main distribution archive.

>  I seem to have
> problems ripping a site that has flash based navbar's.  
If I
> view their source, the links are simply 
> etc...
> Is the flash support intelligent to work out hotspots in
> flash code or does it just grep?
No - the flash support is really basic and stupid, and just 
grabs links found and download them. Unfortunately, the 
Macromedia (tm) (c) (r) library is really basic and does 
not allows httrack to patch embeded links. Besides, the 
proprietary Flash format is not very easy to reverse-
engineer, and as I have a lack of time, I won't do further 

For those who are courageous, the code is located in 
htsswf.* and is using parts of the MM libs.

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