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Subject: Redirects to HTTPS
Author: Leto
Date: 08/27/2001 06:57
I'm having some trouble with redirects, and HTTPS, at the moment.  I have a
.htm page which contains a link to "redirect.asp".  This asp page has an
immediate redirect to another site.

The problem:

- The link on the .htm page becomes "redirect.html"
- redirect.html contains a META refresh to the site the ASP file points to
- If the ASP redirect points to a HTTPS: site, HTTrack errors with
"Unrecoverable moved" and does not create the "redirect.html" page (and the
link does not work at all!)

I want the link on the HTM page to resolve to the site the ASP file is
redirecting to, with no in-between page.  This used to work a treat, but not
since the Mime-type options came along.  I have not set ASP files to assume to
be text/html.

-- Leto

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08/27/2001 06:57
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