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Subject: The "Continue an interrupted mirror" feature
Author: Grzegorz
Date: 12/04/2003 10:17
I am a new user of HTTrack but I have managed to find some 
serious and very nagging bugs of the program. Interesting, 
I have done a review of this forum and I have not found 
description of similar SERIOUS problems. Thinking that it 
is something wrong with my computer, I have even re-
installed the OS, but nothing has happened, i.e. all the 
probles are still present. Now I am sure that it is because 
of actual bugs in the HtTrack.

My computer is a PC (AMD 333 MHz) with Windows 98 Second 
Edition and MSIE 6.0 SP1. I have tested WinHTTrack 3.30.

In the forum I have found such a message:

>    Is there a way that after the downloading was stoped,
> when I restart not to begin from the start?
And the answer of the Author:

> "Continue an interrupted mirror" will do that,
> by quickly restarting the mirror
> from the begining, but only 
> downloading not yet downloaded data.

My comments to this is:

1) Restarting the mirror is not quickly in any time, but it 
is a very long process that can pass many hours or even 
days!!! It is due to a very serious bug, see below.

2) HTTrack cannot just download only not yet downloaded 
data. Instead, it tries to download part of the data 
already downloaded and mirrored. It is another serious bug, 
perhaps connected with the previous.

I can present a concrete example. I was making a mirror of 
a site and after many hours of HTTrack work the state was:
 4243/11313 (links scanned & stored / total links detected)
 5383 (downloaded files)

I had to break the program. When it finished closing 
(terrrrrrible long, see my other message), I counted files 
in themirror. Actually, it was 5383 files, so OK.

Next, I ran HTTrack again with the option "continue an 
interrupted mirror" option. And here is my detailed 
description what happened.

First, the program quickly read data from the cache. But it 
finished when the state was:
 1398/5383 (links scanned / total)
 2108 (downloaded files)

Then the program started to re-download already downloaded 
files. Since previously it downloaded 5383 files, it should 
be reading the cache until 5383 downloaded files. But 
insted, it read the cache until 2108 downloaded files. So, 
the program has obviously taken a number of downloaded 
files as a number of total known links.

Now, after 8 hours of working, the current state is 3433 
links scanned and stored, 10670 - total number of links, 
4579 files downloaded.

In other words, after 8 hours the program has not managed 
to finish restarting mirror (it has not read all the 
already downloaded data) yet. You cannot say that 
restarting is quickly!!!

See also my other messages.


Grzegorz JagodziƱski

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