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Subject: HTTrack loses previously collected data!
Author: Grzegorz
Date: 12/04/2003 11:13
As in the subject... So, the program is a data-loser. Any 
good programs do not lose already collected data.

I can give an example. I ran the program and after mny hour 
of work I had to interrupt it. I clicked "cancel" once and 
I waited an hour or more just to the end of finishing... 
Anyway, the program had collected ca. 20 MB of data in the 

Then I restart the program with the option "restart an 
interrupted mirror". And after some time I interrupt the 
program again, in the same way as previously (i.e. waiting 
a huge amount of time until the program ends 
finishing/closing/interrupting the project).

My question is very simple. I did not make a "brutal" 
interruption. So, why now the new.dat was only 14285426 MB 
of size (ca. 14 MB) - but when the program began, it read 
from the cache 20 MB? Where is the rest of previously 
collected data?
It means that HTTrack lost 6 MB (in the case if you are not 
sure: the project contained only html files, no images, no 
zips etc.). I think it is a very serious error which causes 
that actually you cannot break any bigger project at all. 
Just think. You have downloaded 20 MB of data, both to the 
cache and to the mirror folder. You restart the project - 
and it appears that HTTrack is able to see only 14 MB of 
the cached data! So, what is the cache for? Why the program 
cannot read all the previous cache?

I am strongly convinced that it should never happen in any 
computer program. It is the most serious bug of HTTrack I 

Grzegorz JagodziƱski

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12/04/2003 11:13
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