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Subject: Re: Breaking HTTrack
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 12/04/2003 19:59
> Why does it take SO LONG just to produce html files from 
> the cache (when program says 'finishing pending 
> transfers')? 

Err, it is long even after all pending downloads are 
finished? The engine should then scan all files quickly to 
reach the end (note:when no connection is alive anymore, 
you can disconnect, httrack won't do any network transfer 

> I have never seen another program which needs 3 hours 
> between the command 'finish' and the actual finishing. 
> if I had broken the program immediately, ALL MY WORK 
> HAVE BEEN LOST! Terrible...

It should not have been so. httrack flushed the cache 
output after each file, so that it can be reused even after 
a "violent" crash. of course, files in memory and not 
flushed will be lost - but files confirmed and validated 
should be fine.

But this problem might be related to the weird "missing" 
files you reported before - it might be interesting if you 
could test the -TEST2 release.

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