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Subject: Suggestion
Author: Dale Flannery
Date: 12/10/2003 07:20
Dear X, Apologies if this is the wrong place for wishes.

Thank you for a powerful product. But it has a learning 
curve too. 

Could you please consider a facility to save a "process" to 
prepopulate a download job with predefined settings (like 
saving/opening defaults). Then newbies could simply select 
a process called "download all jpegs > 60kb displayed on 
this site", and enter the site name without having to 
agonize about search depth and whether  -*.htm* will also 
block the pictures displayed on the pages.

I foresee that these loadable process settings files will 
be shared around by people for special purposes and also 
for "newbie proofing" common tasks.

Thanks for your attention


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