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Subject: Passed By
Author: C.B.
Date: 12/10/2003 08:45
At this web site I want to go via the "Co 
Long" link located in the menu to the left to three levels 
down to copy the PDF files that are available on that site 
for download.

The URL's for the downloads do not include the PDF extention 
but redirect to another location where the URL's DO have the 
extention. By using filters I have got it to where HTTrack 
shows that the PDF files are downloading (I know this 
because at the top of the HTTrack window it says "receiving 
files..." and in the progress bar I see URL's with the PDF 
extention being downloaded.

But when checking my computer I can find NO PDF files that 
were downloaded.

I'd like to know the way to overcome this or has anyone had 
this happen to them?

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12/10/2003 08:45


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