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Subject: Log messages
Author: Steve
Date: 03/01/2001 00:31

Below is a copy of a site I tried to grab:


HTTrack3.00-ALPHA-12 launched on Mon, 26 Feb 2001 
15:26:04 at <>
(httrack <> -
O /www/static/pandora/pcs_root/10474/20010226 -%
HxZqvs0tnC0c12H1b1o0 )


This is running on Solaris 8 (old version but I've 
been too busy to upgrade!)

Anyway, I got these messages in the log:




I've never seen these brefore, and was wondering if 
anybody else had?
I wasn't at work on this particular day, so I don't 
know if the server was overloaded / rebooted, etc. I 
do know that the site took 21 hours to finish (it was 
incomplete). We grabbed it again on 28/02 and 
everything worked ok - same flags, options, etc. took 
5 hours with no log entries as above.


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