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Subject: Can't stop advertisements :(
Author: greg
Date: 12/19/2003 09:43
Hey, first off, this program rocks from what I've used so 

But I'm having troubles with filters. I'll do

-* +.html +.jpg +.gif

But it still grabs PHP files. Like and 
stuff.. it'll be


Even if I explicitly do -.php, -*php*, -.php*, it still 
grabs them :(

Also i tried doing some other ones like

-*refer* -*banner*

but it still follows those links. And there's alot of them 
when you want an 2nd level of recursion. Any ideas why my 
filters aren't working?
I also did -.cgi, but it still downloads those as well too!


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12/19/2003 09:43
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