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Subject: Avoid .HTM to .html auto-rename
Author: Eric
Date: 12/22/2003 17:15

I use httrack to download a website located on our intranet.
All the files ends with a .HTM extension but once 
downloaded they are all renamed with .html extension.
The references between all the web pages are correctly done 
to reflect these name change.
But some java code is not translated and keep 
referencing .HTM files.

How can I force httrack to not rename the downloaded files ?I've tried to use
configure httrack not to check document 
type, but it was useless.

As one of the main purpose of this download is to download 
the external links, another way of proceeding could be to 
copy the website (windows copy) and deal with the external 
links on the copy.
Is it possible to do it with httrack ?

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