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Subject: Re: 100% CPU Usage?
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 12/27/2003 16:16
> Sometimes the program will become extremely unresponsive 
> and use 100% of my CPU.  Strangely, this only seems to 
> happen when the program is idling on the first screen 
> you see when you start it up.  What could be the reasons 
> for this?
Err, I suppose the initial link scan and cache loading is 
probably eating all the CPU - but it should not take too 
much time

> Also, the program is likely to freeze up when I try to 
> update a large site and it scans through all of the files 
> that I already have available on my HD.  Is this a 
> with the program or just one of those unexplainable PC 
> issues?
Err this is really strange - the OS should leave some CPU 
to other applications - are you using something like 
Windows 98 or ME ? The "continue" phase can take a lots of 
CPU and disk IO (the rescan should be fast), but the system 
should be able to balance the load among other applications.
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