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Subject: Re: About Forum
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 12/31/2003 09:15
> Where can i find FORUM 2.0.11 ?> <>  doesn't exist

It appears to be abandonned - no trace on freshmeat either.
I can make a tar.gz based on's current sources, 
but I doubt this will be useful, because I hacked almost 
every file to fit the needs AND provider 
weirdness (such as different php behaviours, etc.), and the 
current state is totally non portable.

There are plenty of (better) forums, besides. The only 
reason I keep the current system is that it actually works 
(even if there are design bugs in the database, but 
anyway), and I am yet too lazy to migrate the whole thing 
to another system (and testing it, migrating the database, 
rewriting a www-ml gateway..)
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