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Subject: pb "browse sites"
Author: bealach
Date: 01/07/2004 12:47

I have a problem with the "Browse site" function in the File
menu: it doesn't work at all, though it used to.
I've read the "brows site" thread but it doesn't solve my
problem. My index file is there!

True I've moved the original C: location of "my websites" to
D:\Websites and later I reinstalled winhttrack in D:\Program
Files as C:'s getting choked up. 
I may have mucked it all, one way or another but a fresh
install didn't mend matters.

So what I do now is load the "index.html" file in my browser
(Mozilla 1.5) and browse from there.

I've just found this bit from a message:
"Quote from the file c:\websites\index.html (the file which 
is opened by the menue "File --> Browse Sites ..."):

			<TD BACKGROUND="fade.gif">
					<A HREF="sts%20102">
						sts 102

By clicking on the link the directory "C:\WebSites\sts 102"
is opened."

So would this mean the links should be changed to reflect
the c: to d: move ?

Three cheers for Winhttrack as I'm new to this forum! ;-)



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pb "browse sites"

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