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Subject: Also crash with SIGALRM
Author: Lars Clausen
Date: 01/08/2004 16:20
After a long time of downloading, HTTrack crashed
with SIGALRM in the midst of downloading.  No backtrace
available in gdb, as the program vanished before gdb could
grab it.  Now running with -Z to try to get better info. 
Still running on a Solaris machine, with version 3.30.92.  
Any idea what I should look for?  I've had HTTrack run for
far longer on the same machine without problems on another
site.  This site does SIGALRM fairly consistently.


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Also crash with SIGALRM

01/08/2004 16:20
Re: Also crash with SIGALRM

01/08/2004 16:37


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