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Subject: Connection problem
Author: Thick Brain
Date: 01/09/2004 18:00
When downloading a website I get a lot of errors in 
the "Action" panel. The "Connections" info never exceeds 4 
but the list of connection attempts fill the Action panel 
and most of them display "Error". Only the first 4 are 
downloaded properly.

As a result, many HTML files are created without content 
and few are not created at all.

How can I limit the number of connections so errors are 
not created when HTTrack exceeds the number of connections 
allowed by the remote server so the files will be 
downloaded properly?
I did set the following options in "Set options":
- Limit: Max connections / seconds = 4
- Flow Control: Number of connections = 4

But that didn't change anything :~(


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Connection problem

01/09/2004 18:00


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