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Subject: Re: requests about "Download web site(s) + question"
Author: Eric
Date: 01/14/2004 10:52
> This is quite difficult, in fact: for 640X480 or 800X600 
> screens, the size of the dialogs are yet quite large. But 
> depending on the system font size, it can be smaller or 
> wider.

So, is it possible to make it resizable ?
> > More important: the URL in concern is cut too. 
> I 
> > don't even know what to decide because I only see the 
> Which URl box? The one displayed at the begining (in the 
> preview, when selecting project names), or the URls typed 
> in the second screen ?
Sorry. Vocabulary misusage with the "box" word.
I mean the message box that shows up asking if this link 
should be followed or not (with 6 different choices), as 
for the first question.

One terrific option should be building the scan rules from 
the answers given by the user.
That's what I will do manually.
But at the end, if HTtrack could sum up the answers, in a 
scan rules syntax, it would be very nice.

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