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Subject: How can I? /beginner/
Author: wikt
Date: 01/14/2004 14:57
Hello !
I`ve tried to copy some linux lessons from:
with the following:

root@laptop2:~# httrack <http://www.linux>.
org/lessons/beginner/ -K0 -m10000 -%U linux
WARNING! You are running this program as root!
It might be a good idea to use the -%U option to change the 
Example: -%U smith

Mirror launched on Wed, 14 Jan 2004 14:22:48 by HTTrack 
Website Copier/3.30 [XR&CO'2003]
mirroring <> with the 
wizard help.. (215 bytes) - 403
Thanks for using HTTrack!

And hts-log is:

14:40:10	Info: 	Note: robots.txt rules 
are too restrictive, ignoring /
14:40:11	Error: 	"Forbidden" (403) at link www. (from primary/primary)
14:40:11	Info: 	No data seems to have been 
transfered during this session! : restoring previous one!

Can I do it in this domain ???thanx in advance,

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01/14/2004 14:57
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