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Subject: streamvcr note (someone asked about getting rtsp)
Author: hkazemi
Date: 01/17/2004 23:57
If you search Emule/Edonkey for 'Streambox vcr' you should
find a 'suite' that will help you get rtsp and pnm streams.
 It's a slightly modified/embellished version of the last
beta version that Streambox produced.  It was a beta version
so I should remind everyone that some features don't work
quite right and it crashes sometimes and can't get some
streams without a lot of work (or at all).  But it is much
much better than nothing.

On the ASF side, there was ASFRecorder and some updates
called ASFR+

Lastly, there was a URL sniffer program called URL Snooper
that made finding the urls to media streams a lot easier,
especially if the stream urls were buried in complex
javascript on javascript protected pages.  It's also on Emule.

I recommend the 'pawcio' mods of emule at the links below
because of their better bandwidth management features.

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streamvcr note (someone asked about getting rtsp)

01/17/2004 23:57


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