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Subject: * * HTTrack 3.31-alpha-4 released
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 01/18/2004 01:01
The 3.31-alpha-4 release of HTTrack introduces a new cache 
format, more extensible and efficient than the previous one 
(ndx/dat format). The main advantages of this cache are: 

- One single file for a complete website cache archive 
- Standard ZIP format, that can be easily reused on most 
platforms and languages 
- Compressed data with the efficient and opened zlib format 

This feature is still highly experimental, so expect bugs :)

Note: Of course, previous cache formats (dat/ndx) will 
still be imported by the new releases of httrack

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* * HTTrack 3.31-alpha-4 released

01/18/2004 01:01
Re: * * HTTrack 3.31-alpha-4 released

01/19/2004 10:46


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