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Subject: Using HTTrack w/ WinXP, inc. parameters - a query
Author: Padraic I.M. MacUidhir
Date: 01/20/2004 17:43
Heill, Mr. Roche. I have a question that may or may not
be relevant to the usage of your program. I am curious
as to whether you or any other forum reader may be
aware of what I am doing wrong. I had little trouble
previously with HTTrack other than the problem you
answered here in the forum some time ago for me. 

The sites I have attempted to recently mirror are as

Bibliomania Free Online Literature and Study Guides

Project Runeberg

Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts

Mark Nodine's Online Welsh Course

I have included the appropriate password/login data 
whenever it was needed. 

My current one is Mark Nodine's free Welsh course online.
I am getting the same type of error message from all
WWWsites that I try to mirror, though, so I figure this
problem is human error. ;) I include here the options
that I have been using for all recent attempted mirrors,
and also the error message that I receive for all of
them. In this, I request the assistance of anyone who
knows the application of HTTrack better than I do.

I am running WindowsXP, all useful updates installed,
MSOfficeXP installed, a few other things as well. My
Component Services are modified according to the 
advice found at 
On this computer, the one on which I try to mirror,
I have a broadband cable connection via Time Warner,
and it gets plenty of I/O bandwidth.

I have no screen saver loaded, my hardware is 1.3 gigahertz
Pentium 4 /Mobo is 850 series if I remember correctly,
video is 128Mb GeforceXT, and the HDDs are plenty big
for mirroring the sites. I cannot think of anything else
that may be relevant at this point to the problem.

Here is the data I am using for HTTrack right now:

Web Address:

Download Web Site(s)

Set Options-Proxy:

Set Options-Scan Rules:
+*.css +*.js*
+*.zip +*.tar +*.tgz +*.gz +*.rar +*.z +*.exe
+*.gif +*.jpg +*.png +*.tif +*.bmp

Set Options-Limits:
Max Transfer Rate (B/s) - 5000
Max Connections / seconds - 2
Maximum number of links - 100000
[every other field is blank]

Set Options-Flow Control:
Number of Connections - 1
TimeOut(s) - 600 sec.
Retries - 2

Set Options-Links:
[all four options are checked]

Set Options-Build:
Local Structure Type - Site-structure (default)
[the only thing that is checked here is "Do not purge old 

Set Options-Spider:
Accept Cookies (if unknown), Parse Jave Files, and
Update hack (limit re-transfers) are all checked; the 
others are not. Spider is set to 'no robots.txt rules'.

Set Options-Experts Only:
Use a cache for updates is checked
[everything else is set to defaults, and Active Debugging
Mode (winhttrack.log) is *not* checked.]

Set Options-Log,Index,Cache:
[everything is checked *except* Make A Word Database

Set Options-Browser ID:
Browser Identity: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; 
Windows NT 5.0)
HTML Footer: (none)

Set Options-MIME Associations
[still at default settings, i.e., php and others are set
to 'text/html']

Mr. Roche, I would have sent this via e-mail, but I did not 
know if it
would be viewed or not, and I figure that other folk may 
have a similiar
problem, so 'tis best to post it publically for others to 
guide themselves
by should they come here and want to know the answer as 
So, I apologise for the length of the post, but I figure if 
I am going
to ask you or others for advice, I had best provide the 
data in order to give it if possible. I have worked in tech 
before; I know what it is like to not actually *be* where 
the problem
is occuring.    ;)

Here is the error message I gain, and which is essentially 
the same 
as the ones from the other WWWsites I listed, plus a few 

HTTrack3.30+swf launched on Tue, 20 Jan 2004 11:36:32 
at <> 
+*.css +*.js* 
+*.zip +*.tar +*.tgz +*.gz +*.rar +*.z 
+*.exe +*.gif +*.jpg +*.png +*.tif +*.bmp 
(winhttrack -qiC0%nt%PnX0s0u2k%sN0%I0p7DaK0c1T6
00R2H0%kf2A5000%c2#L100000%f0#f -F "Mozilla/4.0 
(compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0)" -%F  -P 
WINTERMUTE:8123 -%l "en, *" 
<>*.* -O 
"E:\My Web Sites\OnlineWelshCourseNodine,
E:\My Web Sites\OnlineWelshCourseNodine" 
+*.css +*.js* 
+*.zip +*.tar +*.tgz +*.gz +*.rar +*.z +*.exe 
+*.gif +*.jpg +*.png +*.tif +*.bmp 
-%A php3,php,php2,asp,jsp,pl,cfm,nsf=text/html )
Information, Warnings and Errors reported for this mirror:
note: the hts-log.txt file, and hts-cache folder, may 
sensitive information, such as username/password 
for websites mirrored in this project do not share these 
files/folders if you want these information to remain 
11:36:36 Error:  "Interrupted transfer" (-4) after 2 
retries at link (from primary/primary)
11:36:36 Error:  "Interrupted transfer" (-4) after 2 
retries at link*.* (from primary/primary)
11:36:36 Info:  No data seems to have been transfered 
this session! : restoring previous one!

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