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Subject: Mirroring content with Mozilla - couple problems
Author: Mike Gifford
Date: 01/22/2004 18:45

I'd like to use spiderzilla & mozilla 1.6 to copy the
contents of a directory which require a password to access
them.  I've got the content, can browse it without problem..
 But can't seem to capture the content.

I just set up httrack & spiderzilla, but I only get the
interface for spiderzilla when I'm using mozilla as root
(which ain't so clever)..  When I'm using it as root (again
not so clever), I am getting an error popup that disappears
a bit too quickly to see..  However, I'm betting it's saying
something like - 'what the hell are you doing using httrack
as root!'

So, how do I set it so that when I go Tools > Download this
site as a regular user that I actually get a response? 

Next probably will be self evident when the above is
working, but how do I see the files when i've grabbed them? I've got a
/home/mike/website/test directory that was
created, but haven't actually seen any mirroring within that
file..  Where should I look to view the files..


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Mirroring content with Mozilla - couple problems

01/22/2004 18:45
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