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Subject: Re: Add Comment to File and change Domain
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 01/23/2004 23:27
> I want to grab all sites of my own (dynamic, php) forum 
> and put them as static pages on another domain. Therefor 
> would like to add variable comments to each site ("The 
> original thread could be found here: xxx" which must be a 
> link from the original URL + new domain 

Visible comments ? There is already html comments (see 'Set 
Options'/'Browser ID'/'HTML footer') ; you can try to 
replace it by a link (but this may produce a broken html 

> and I have to replace the 
> local URL "c: whatever" to the new domain on every link 
> that is included in the page.

This is not necessary: httrack always produces relative 
links, you can move the complete structure wherever you 
want (disk, cdrom, website location) and it will work

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