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Subject: Bug in HTtrack?
Author: sergio
Date: 02/01/2004 15:42
Hi, Xavier! I donĀ“t know exact if this is a bug, but...

You remember about some problems I have to download 
complex aspx pages? Well, I tried to download (download 
file option en httrack) a image with the link as 
(I cannot put the correct address cause is a paid site)
I put the mime config aspx=image/gif (and octet stream), 
tried with and without the option "use http 1.0" and ALL 
the browser identity. ALWAYS I get a file with &00 
substituted with &20, corrupted. I used the same link in 
flashget download manager with no problem with default 

This is a bug???
I thanks any help...

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Bug in HTtrack?

02/01/2004 15:42


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