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Subject: Updating mirror
Author: Jay
Date: 02/02/2004 14:16
Dear Xavier,

Thank you for a great program! I have just one question. I
am mirroring a website that changes very little each month.
Most of the changes are to a very low volume forum. After I
created the original mirror, I wanted to have the latest
forum messages added, but I do not want to lose the old
messages even if they age off the original site so I
selected the option to not purge old files.

As a test, I mirrored the site and a few hours later used
the "update" function and even though only about five
messages were added to the forum, WinHTTRACK took about an
hour to scan the site, updated hundreds of files which never
changed and doubled the size of the folder on my local
machine to which the mirror is saved. What did I do wrong?
Thank you for any assistance.

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