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Subject: Mirroring problem with "?" in URL
Author: Albi
Date: 02/04/2004 10:38
Hi there,

First I have to say HTTrack is a wonderful program!

However, the reason I'm writing is a problem I experience 
with mirroring a Web site which has an online archive of 
html pages. All these pages are either a) directly 
accessably from the homepage (= no problem) or b) 
accessable via a number of different categories (here comes 
the problem). Since the html files are not exclusively 
assinged to one category -- but often rather linked from 
different ones -- the web server adds a ?navid=XX to the 
end of the .html extension. Depending from which category 
you access one and the same page it either has no add-on 
(.html) or one with the corresponding number of the 
category (e. g. .html?navid=23 or .html?navid=12).

Positive is that HTTrack has no problem with this in the 
first place, all files are downloaded. However, a large 
number of files are downloaded multiple times due to the 
add-on ?navid=XX.

Is there a way to tell HTTrack to download the files but 
when saving ignore the add-on? I can't specify "?navid=" as 
an exclude criteria because that way most of the files 
don't get downloaded. So far I manually remove the double 

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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