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Subject: HTTrack hangs at random times
Author: Lars Clausen
Date: 02/05/2004 08:55
I'm having HTTrack hang at various seemingly random times. 
It doesn't seem to be with any particular site or after any
particular amount of time (5 hours, several days, it
varies).  If I do ^C and then Cancel, it starts running
again as if nothing had happened.  The log file shows little
of interest:

20:42:06        Debug:  result for wizard link test: 0
20:42:06        Debug:  Testing link type
20:42:06        Debug:  (Keep-Alive): live socket closed
#13542 (
08:46:25        Debug:  Changing link extension to .html
08:46:25        Info:   engine: save-name: local name: ->

Next time it happens, I'll give it a segfault and see if I
can get a core out of it.


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HTTrack hangs at random times

02/05/2004 08:55
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