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Subject: .d64 files saved as html
Author: D.A. Mellema
Date: 02/06/2004 22:56
Hi, i'm trying to download *.d64 C64 images from 
<>. The problem is that HTTrack saves the 
d64 files as .html; which is very annoying. Can someone 
help me with this??
File: /download.php?id=2483&gameid=100353&filename=Ncr-
Name: D:/My Web Sites/C64/
ContentType: application/octet-stream
StatusCode: 200 (OK)
InternalStatus: 1 (receiving)
StatusMessage: OK
HTTP/1.1: yes
ChunkMode: no
TestMode: no
HeadRequest: no
NotModified: no
WriteToDisk: yes
LocalFile: no
Size: 137954
TotalSize: 174848

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