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Subject: Re: HTTrack hangs at random times
Author: Lars Clausen
Date: 02/09/2004 14:41
> > #4  0xff2c1a50 in url_savename (adr_complete=0xffb958b0
> Okay - httrack is building the URL local name, and needs to 
> process a request to get the remote file (HEAD request). 
> httrack seems to be waiting back_wait() :
> ..
> if (back[b].status>0) {
>   back_wait(back,back_max,opt,cache,0);        
> }
> Can you try to go up to the stack level of htsname.c 
> (using "up" and "down"), and then do a "next" to see if the 
> back_wait() returns ? (the "next" should quickly finish 
> back_wait() and gdb should then have the console control 
> again)

No, I don't have a live sample, just one killed with ^\.  I
tried running in gdb, but then it caught SIGALRM instead,
and httrack stopped before gdb could catch it.

> Can you mail me the details, such as URLs and options? I 
> will trace this problem on the debugger directly, hoping 
> that it will occurs. (did you test it on Linux, or Solaris?)

This was on Solaris, I've seen the same on Linux.  Details
of running from the log:

HTTrack3.31-ALPHA-8-noV6-nossl launched on Fri, 06 Feb 2004
12:05:16 at
(httrack -%W receive-header=httrack-arc:get_header -%W
transfer-status=httrack-arc:dump_chunk -F "HTTrack 3.30.91
(non-archiving test version, see" -u1 -%u -n -Z -d
-A10000 -#L10000000 )

The problem occurs without having the ARC plugins there.  I
haven't checked which of the other options may have an
influence.  I'll start checking if there are some.

BTW, is there a way to have HTTrack display the
ascii-graphics statistics page from the beginning?  I can
only get it by entering 'i' after HTTrack has started, I'd
like it on always.


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