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Subject: Accessing the website Project offline
Author: Bob
Date: 09/15/2001 00:13
	Being new to HTTrack I have a few questions to 
which I would appreciate answers:
1.  Could someone please list the step-by-step 
procedure for accessing the material saved in a 
Project (see below first):  

a.  For example, if I use the File/Open command that 
seems to show the structure of the subfolders in the 
Project but doesn't seem to offer a way to view the 
contents of the website page by page.  What is the 
purpose of this command?
b.  For example, if I use the 'Browser site...' 
command I am presented with another screen 
headed "Index of locally available projects" and a 
list of my named projects.  If one of these are 
clicked on, I am shown the correct Internet Explorer 
website pages but this is online.  Is this just 
connected to the Website through an ordinary online 
access or does it have something to do with the 

c.  For example, having clicked on the Project folder 
name, if I turn off the cable modem I am using, then I 
will see an initial page of that website but if I try 
to make another selection on that page of, for 
example, my bank account information, it may present 
me with the user and password log on information page 
or it may just say that the page cannot be displayed.  
But if do fill out the log on information, it will 
also give me a message that says the page cannot be 
displayed.  Either way I can't be sent to the 
appropriate pages after trying to reach the 
information as long as I am offline.  Now, I prepared 
two versions of the same project of a website.  In the 
first I just entered the website name as: 
but in the second entered the website name as: 

Neither of these versions of the project is allowed 
access to my own information nor did they present me 
with the log on screen that could successfully gain 
access to my information.  Is there any successful way 
to add the username and password of the log on to the 
process of using HTTrack, if that is what it takes, 
that will allow me to use have offline access to all 
of the pages of the website?
2.  The projects I produced have about 6 MB of data in 
them.  I realize that this certainly depends on which 
website is trying to be saved, but does that amount of 
data look like it is in the ballpark?
	Thank you.


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09/15/2001 00:13
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