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Subject: Failed Login / Cookie not accepted
Author: Aragorn
Date: 02/12/2004 17:58
Ich have the following problem:

I want to download some similar Websites that require a 

For that purpose there ist a .css-document included in a 
php-script on the starting back. You have to enter username 
and password and click the enter-button. After the 
sucsessfull login you are redirected to the final webpage. 
No backdoor-links are working on this site. I tried three 
ways to enter the website with HTTrack, but nothings seems 
to work.

1 ) I tried to enter username and password in HTTrack, but 
this didn't work because of the syntax (I think so).....
(Yes I read in the FAQ all the things with %40%, %20%, etc)

2 )With th IE 6.0 it is no problem, because it has a 
permanent cookie, so I get immediately on the right site 
without typing a password. I copied first the important 
cookie, finally all cookies in the webspace-directory and 
in the project-directory but it still didn't work

3 ) After a lot of testing I found a way to tell the 
browser in the command-line the login details. it has the 


If I put this line intoe the IE or Mozilla it works, this 
means I will be automatically redirected to the final Site, 
without typing the password again or using a cookie.

I tried all Options of HTTrack (Follow all links, test all 
links, etc.) but nothing seems to work. HTTrack just saves 
the first site (with the login) and then stops. It don't 
seem to work with the automatic redirect. 

HTTrack mirror complete in 3 seconds : 2 links scanned, 1 
files written (291 bytes overall), no files updated [1418 
bytes received at 472 bytes/sec]

Do You have any ideas ????(No errors, 0 warnings, 1 messages)

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Failed Login / Cookie not accepted

02/12/2004 17:58


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