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Subject: Can *you* download these pages with ?'s and &'s
Author: Steven Sashen
Date: 02/13/2004 18:40
There's a members only site I subscribe to that has a page 
with a list of recipes. The URL of that page is: 
(to get to that page, you go to 
<> and log in... if you 
want to test this on your own machine, email me for the 

The links to all the recipes look like this:

... with the ID # changing for the different recipes.

I can't get Httrack to download those recipe pages to save 
my life... I *see* it downloading those pages, but when I 
then view the offline site, every time I click on one of 
the links, it takes me to a page to log into the members 
area of the site.

Any clues/help/etc.?

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Can *you* download these pages with ?'s and &'s

02/13/2004 18:40
Re: Can *you* download these pages with ?'s and &'s

02/14/2004 12:38


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