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Subject: > tricky!
Author: Cedric Marais
Date: 02/16/2004 08:21

I want to download all the articles from
<>. On the left side beneath
the link "Archiv/Suche" one can change to the archive, but
unfortunately there is only the archive from the past year.
But!, if I search for an older article, the search result
shows me articles until the year 1995. So those older
articles must be there!

If I want to download the *whole* website I get the articles
that are shown in "Archiv/Suche" only. My non-default
options from the Linux version are: -N1 -n -s0

Even if I try it another way like
<> - no chance.

Can anybody give a hint on howto get all the files that are
on the server?
I run v3.30.

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02/16/2004 08:21


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