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Subject: avoid jscript evaluation
Author: Eric
Date: 02/17/2004 12:26

I have a little problem about javascript evaluation.
I've tried many options but not found the right one.

The file is included this way in many HTML files:
<SCRIPT language=JavaScript src="../rep/script.js" 

Unfortunately, HTtrack do nasty things with the .js file 
and makes it unusable.
This file doesn't need to be modified to work on the local 
copy site.

I've managed to get the file properly with the option to 
download a specific file. But then the file is not at its 
place. And I cannot use both CurrentAction (0 and 2)

I could copy it manually at the end, but I would prefer to 
do it all in one shot, if possible.


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02/17/2004 12:26
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