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Subject: Error messages
Author: Krzyzewski Karen
Date: 02/24/2004 19:15
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How can I stop HTTrack from saving 404 Not Found messages?
I'm using WinHTTrack Website Copier 3.30 (+swf) to make an 
archival copy of an old version of our corporate website.  
I tested the "No error pages" in the Build options on a 
small sample of the website and it worked as anticipated.  
The result being that I did not have a separate HTML file 
for each error message, instead the server generated the 
error message.

Unfortunately, when I ran HTTrack on the whole website 
with "No error pages" selected HTTrack returned 404 Not 
Found HTML pages for the broken links.
The puzzling thing is that I was comparing the same sample 
of the website.

Here's an example where the links in the sidebar are coded 

When HTTrack tries to get the following links
it creates new subdirectories and files for the copied 
Error 404 file. 
In both cases the problem is that there is no 2nd 
subdirectory called
window.  HTTrack creates the subdirectory "window" with the 
file "windowe.htm" (which is a 404 message), plus the new 
subdirectory "types" and file "seriale.htm" (which is a 404 
The old website has many broken links and HTTrack takes 
some of these broken links and recreates the directory 
structure with a new  404 Not Found file for each broken 

Another related question:  Does the Brower ID has any 
influence on the error
messages being generated and saved?Any suggestions or ideas would be



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