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Subject: login problem
Author: webber
Date: 02/25/2004 12:09
I'm trying the program with the following site but it 
doesn't mirror or download anything because you have to be 
logged in before you can view the pages.An example of one 
of the threads is;


I have tried some of the suggestions I found with a search 
on this forum but nothing seems to work.I have tried to 
put my login name and password at the end of the url but 
that didn't work(I could be doing it wrong).One thing I 
have noticed though is everytime I try to login to this 
url with IE6 I'm asked for my pass even though I have 
checked the box that says "Please remember my member name 
and password". 

Does anyone have any ideas or experience with copying 
sites with passwords like this?
Thanks for any help.


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