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Subject: Can't Mirror this site
Author: Max
Date: 02/25/2004 16:19
Hi everyone
I have a problem with this site:

(section "Harrison Online".... the book i mean)

I need to mirror it so I can study at my home (I don't have 
internet at home)

I have the password to access the restricted section of the 
site (the folder server-java witch contains the book's 
pages) but if i use the "Capture Link" feature of 
winhttrack (capturing the click on the login page), it 
makes me possible just to mirror the first page linked (the 
one that I asked for before logging in) and then it returns 
me  the "login" page instead of the others pages.
How can I do?

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Can't Mirror this site

02/25/2004 16:19
Re: Can't Mirror this site

02/25/2004 19:56


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