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Subject: Newbie multiple questions
Author: David Taverner
Date: 03/01/2004 12:47

I am experimenting with the software as a means of 
creating a static htm mirror of a php based site.

1 - Is there any way I can specify for a specific query to 
generate a specific .htm filename.

e.g index.php?action=displaycat&catid=178&customheader=custom-header178



It would be good if the title tag could be used to 
generate filenames. Is this possible??
2 - Is there any way of buidling in a directory structure? 
So that you could specify certain php queries to download 
to specific directories?
3 - In the generated mirror the filenames are as such :


but the links to pages are as such:


I do not want the anchor texts to be generated with the 
query string in the them (as search engines may avoid 
this). I want the anchor to be:

<a href="index8fff.html>

How do I set this?
Dave Taverner


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Newbie multiple questions

03/01/2004 12:47
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