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Subject: Warning moved treated - broken link
Author: Christopher W.
Date: 03/02/2004 05:38
From the manual and the faq I have learned that httrack 
appends "-2" to filenames to avoid conflicts in certain 

In my case here the author, in the html code of his 
website, refers to a single file "next_motif.GIF" in two 
spellings: "next_motif.gif" and "next_motif.GIF". HTTrack 
gives a warning "moved treated" and converts the img 
tag  "next_motif.gif" to "next_motif-2.gif" but saves only 
one file "next_motif.gif". The img tag "next_motif-2.gif" 
ends as a broken link.

I expected HTTrack 3.3 to behave in one of the following 
a) identify that this is no case of a conflict, because 
the file name is unique, and save the code as original
b) reproduce a file "next_motif-2.gif", corresponding to 
the changed code

Did I make anything wrong?This is the site: 

Christopher W.

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Warning moved treated - broken link

03/02/2004 05:38
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