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Subject: To download all linked pages?
Author: TS
Date: 03/10/2004 13:54
I would like to download an entire site (or just page) and 
the first page (NOT JUST THE FIRST LEVEL) of each external 
site (linked from the primary site or page).

Will this be soon possible regarding that -- if I've 
understood correctly -- opting to download a single page is 
on your TO DO list? 

In other words when so far in HTTrack one has been able to 
choose 'Download all SITES in PAGES (multiple mirror)' in 
order to mirror a page ( and all 
external SITES that are directly near, the above would mean 
configuring/programming HTTrack to 'Download all PAGES in 
SITE/PAGE' in order to get the whole site and all internal 
and external PAGES that are directly near.

Would considerably ease filtering and the load of data 
traffic from unnecessary sites.

Thank you.


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