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Subject: Problems with mirroring the web book
Author: David Sedlak
Date: 03/10/2004 20:40

I tried to download pages from the following link:


This link points to the contents of a book I´d like to 
read at home. If I click on any link on the page my 
browser shows me the corresponding page. But if I try to 
make a mirror of the book I never get more than the 
starting page. I used the latest version (3.31 beta 3) But 
didn´t get through this problem.

This site is full of interesting books worth of reading in 
some quiet place like at home. Do you thing there is a way 
how to make a copy of such a book on the harddisk? If the 
browser (IE 6) can follow the link why not HTTrack?


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Problems with mirroring the web book

03/10/2004 20:40


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