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Subject: [N00B] getting all *.jpg's in directory
Author: jeff
Date: 03/12/2004 20:37 

this is just an example.

on basic default it starts off by downloading robots.txt 
and that's about it, i've read into the robot.txt but 
don't quite understand the rules of it.. is there an 
option to get all *.jpg or *.gif and override this? I've 
tried different things, proabably made it worse, heh. 

i'm sure i'm missing something simple here. Other than 
this i've loved the program for a while now. 

thanks in advance


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[N00B] getting all *.jpg's in directory

03/12/2004 20:37
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03/13/2004 09:20
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03/16/2004 01:16


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